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[cheerdance competition-February 27, 2010]


"Laban Patience!"

"Si-nong Astig? Kaming mga Patience. Sa'n ma-saya? Kaming mga Patience!"
"Go, Fight, Win!"
"Let's show the other teams what do we've got... We've got the power! Ah-ah. The power!"
"Let's go Patience, let's go!"

Well... After all those tiring and exhausting days of practices, we finally reached the finish line! And with such an unexpected result, we even made it to 1st place! No one ever thought about that, right? So hats off to us, all, guys! We might not be the ones chosen as the respected champions, we have still given our very best, we have proved them all wrong when they thought we're just some kind of loosers, and most especially, we just simply enjoyed our performance like it'll be our very last (accdg to Mr. Campos). And you know, we have all done such a wonderful job and I guess we can now say that everything's worth it (u knw..all those fights, screamings, our funds, etc). And before we all forget, let's give our biggest thanks to our ever-so-patient choreographer, Kuya Arnold (aka Kuya Arn) and to our ever-so-supportive adviser, Mr. Ronnie V. Ariate. Without them, how could we even made this success?

                                                                         ** pxnxa na po sa pic. pangit na kung pangit. minadali ko lang ee. peace! :P